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The Plant Based Paper Evolution - Learn About Paper History and When Pla...

Who invented paper? Take a look at paper evolution over time to see how this staple of our daily lives has changed over the years.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

When Color Inspires - Something Beautiful Transpires #colorful #rainbow ...

#love Sometimes we need a little inspiration! Let your creativity take flight with a little color inspiration. Enjoy! #art #glitter #beautiful #photo #fashion #motivation #inspiration #quotes #success #focus #pic #exposure #picture #snapshot #moment #tattoo #artwork #painting #drawing #illustration #ink #paper #colors #positivevibes #happy #create #design #print #snailmailideas

Monday, September 5, 2022

You can make it too! Rosette Paper Flower – Quick and Easy Video #tutori...

You can make it too! Rosette Paper Flower – Quick and Easy Video #tutorial  #diy #paperflower #rose 

Loveit! Learn how to make your own. Free tutorial thanks to the talents of @ArielleEliseDesigns

View complete tutorial on our blog:

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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Need a Gift Bag? Make Your Own! Personalized Gift Giving - Easy DIY #gif...

Need a Gift Bag? Make Your Own! Personalized Gift Giving - Easy DIY #giftbag #gift #diy #papercraft 

Learn more at our blog:
#paperpapers #paperpaperscom
#paperart #handmade #art #cardmaking #diy #makeup  #inspiration #instagram #love #gifts #gift #christmas #food #nice #awesome #videotutorial #instablog #amazing #hair #delicious #yummy #perfect #doityourself #birthdaygift #mothersday #giftgiving #personalized 

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

#Upcycle and Circular Economy for everyday! From Tree Nut to Almond Crus...
Thanks to recent advancements in recycling and creative ingenuity, meet an earth changing paper group named CRUSH as is it made from crushing organic residue to be used a pulp. Learn more and introduce the line into your everday printing and production needs. Learn how this creative and sustainable process is a trend for today and beyond! Upcycle and Circular Economy for everyday!

#ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainability #vegan #sustainablepaper #art #reduce #printing #recycle #picture #diy #earthfriendly #reuse #drawing #lesswaste #papermaking #manufacturing #graphic #masterpiece #green #creative #draw #savetheplanet #graphics #illustration #environment #organic #nature #gogreen #colorful

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Cougar Paper - Paper Weight Chart - PaperPapers Blog

Cougar Paper - Paper Weight Chart - PaperPapers Blog: Cougar by Domtar is one of our most popular selling paper and envelopes. It has proven over the years to be a quality product at a reasonable cost. Additionally, Cougar has transformed itself to be more than an offset printing sheet. As it keeps up with paper trends and market demands, it is offering varying […]

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Poptone Christmas Tree - PaperPapers

Poptone Christmas Tree - PaperPapers Blog: This year we decided to make our Poptone Christmas Tree from our Poptone Variety 12x12 Pack. This Christmas Tree was super fun to make but was fairly simple to make. Check out how to make your own below!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Making of The Modern Wedding and How Paper Makes It Beautiful

The Making of The Modern Wedding and How Paper Makes It Beautiful: Wedding paper invitation cards continue to be the preferred choice for many couples, with invitees more likely to respond to traditional invitations. Wedding paper choices!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Lasting impressions: linen and colored cardstock

Lasting impressions: linen and colored cardstock: Colored cardstock: For important announcements choose quality cardstock, offering quality and durability, including the color to make a point about what is important.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Olive Crush Paper: Oiling the Green Economy - PaperPapers Blog

Olive Crush Paper: Oiling the Green Economy - PaperPapers Blog: There is little doubt that the future of the global economy is green—low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive. People and corporations have become increasingly concerned about the impact of their activities on the environment and are actively working towards cutting emissions and reducing their carbon footprint....

Friday, May 15, 2020

You'll love this PAPER FLOWER Project inspired by FLORIBUNDA ROSE - FULL TUTORIAL

#treats #plus #life #paperfold #paperfun #paperlove #papercraft #geometry #papersculpture #flowerpeople #createathome #tabletopart #handmade #papercreations #3dpaper #paperlove #paperlicious #papernotpicked #papier #carte #passionforplants #paperflorist #instaflowers #paperflower #handmadeflower #paperartist #paperwork #papersunflower #paperlover #flowerlover

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Butcher & Bee, Honest to Goodness Eats - PaperPapers Blog

Butcher & Bee, Honest to Goodness Eats - PaperPapers FEATURED BUSINESS: Our fine papers find a home at many quality eating establishments. We were excited to find our unique green kraft has a life as a restaurant menu in Nashville, TN! The Butcher & Bee group uses our eco-friendly Kraft-tone ledger green for menu paper and... READ MORE on our BLOG

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Valentine's Day Paper Garland - PaperPapers Blog

Valentine's Day Paper Garland - PaperPapers Blog: The best thing about Valentine's Day coming around is sending love to all who you love! But sometimes spreading love doesn't have to be something you give but just by doing a simple craft that could have multiple uses.

How to Write a Love Note - PaperPapers Blog

How to Write a Love Note - PaperPapers Blog: The love note is an intimate tradition that goes back centuries. We can help you write that perfect love note.

Design Tips to Make a Wine Menu Stand Out - Restaurant Menu

Design Tips to Make a Wine Menu Stand Out - Restaurant Menu: Whether you're a restaurant owner or an event planner, you likely know the importance of a good menu, especially when luxe such as a wine

Friday, January 10, 2020

Why is Pink and Red used for Valentines? - PaperPapers Blog

Why is Pink and Red used for Valentines? - PaperPapers Blog: Have you ever wondered exactly why we use pink and red on Valentine's Day? We know, of course, that these hues commonly represent passion, but these colors also have deeper meanings.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Announcement Size Envelopes - VISUAL GUIDE - PaperPapers Blog

Announcement Size Envelopes - VISUAL GUIDE - PaperPapers Blog: Dimensions of A-SIZE Envelopes (size identified by inches and millimeters) (insert must always be smaller than the envelope dimension) A1  Envelopes (inches 3.625 x 5.125) [millimeters 92.075 x 130.175] A2  Envelopes (inches 4.375 x 5.75) [millimeters 111.125 x 146.05] A6  Envelopes (inches 4.75 x 6.5) [millimeters 120.65 x 165.1]...

Paper Star Burst - PaperPapers Blog

Paper Star Burst - PaperPapers Blog: This paper Star Burst has quickly become one of my favorite art objects. I love the impact this pop of color have on my wall and it is one of my easier DIY projects.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Blank White Sticker Labels | Sticker Label Sheets for Sale

Blank White Sticker Labels | Sticker Label Sheets for Sale: PaperPapers’ sticker label sheets for sale come in a variety of sizes. Our blank white sticker labels are ideal for those who want to stay organized.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Envelope Size Chart - Help understanding envelope sizes, choose the correct envelope for your project at PaperPapers

Envelope Size Chart - Help understanding envelope sizes, choose the correct envelope for your project at PaperPapers: Envelope size chart. Find standard envelope sizes, name and dimensions -- Assistance to help choose the correct envelope for your project - Envelopes have many sizes and may cause confusion. Envelope Help is here. Standard US envelopes sizes are listed here.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Build a Large Paper Christmas Tree!

Paper Christmas Tree Creation! FUN, Fun, fUn, FuN! 

We made a lovely paper tree at our warehouse.  Here's our how to and quick ideas for making your own. Take a look at it on our PaperPapers Blog.

Watch our video and see how easy it is. We used some of our favorite paper, including Poptone Green for the majority of our tree. Such a fun activity for family and friends.  We enjoyed it and now have this festive tree to enjoy as long as we choose.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Getting crafty with that perfect Kraft paper

Sometimes you need a perfect Kraft paper for your craft projects. 

We've heard your request...  Ta-da! Here is a perfect little pack for you to try out what shade of Kraft will work for you.  All these papers have a fiber, earthy appearance, but they all are quite different.  Check it out today, view our unpack video or order your own Kraft text weight variety pack so you can unpack it yourself.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Do you Craft with our lovely thick Kraft Paperboard?

Gotta love it! Kraft for Crafters... The paperboard is a staple for almost every handmade project.

What do you make? How do you mount it? We'd love to see your creations. Chipboard 30-pt feels very similar to 100lb Cover (cardstock) Paper.  We do not recommend running this through a printer, it is likely to jam and not offer a positive result.

Kraft Chipbard 100-lb Cover (30-pt) is a thick, stiff board, with decent movability. Checkout what's available at

Friday, November 15, 2019

What a Pair! Color combinations can express your theme or mood! Get Creative

Bronze and Gold paring

Pairing of Gold and Bronze papers, Great idea!

A creative pairing of Pure Gold and Stardream Bronze! There are TONS OF CHOICES!

Start getting creative with paper.

You can find a great selection of colors to match or contrast. Check us out @

Sunday, November 10, 2019

#10 Envelopes, known in the USA as the classic business envelope.  

The No. 10 envelopes hold a letter paper folded 3-ways.  

What if you need a No. 10 envelope but want to avoid the basic office envelope? Sometimes it is as easy as selecting a different envelope style. #10 policy envelopes are the same dimensions as a business no. 10 but with their open-end look, they take on a new look.  Sometimes a simple change can offer a brand new presentation.

We have all types of No. 10 Envelopes at PaperPapers - Visit our envelope categories and sort through your preferred choice envelopes.  We've got you covered with 1000's of selection.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Love STACKS of COLOR - Astrobright to brighten your project

Look at these great colors from Astrobright! The customer that ordered this paper must have a special
project going on! Jump over to our site a get color going for your next project.
These are bright and easy to print on.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Earthy, speckled and popular paper selection for Restaurants, Craft Brewers and more!

Craft Brewer, Restaurants and other DIY menu needs?

Find more Earthy Colors by exploring our Speckletone Line of papers.  Top pick for our customers! What is your favorite? This paper grouping is available in printer-friendly 28T making it wonderful for printing on the fly whether using office printer or ordering large batches from your professional press.

Need it to be thick and Sturdy for customer handling? Kraft and Madero Beach come in 100lb Cover and 140# cover - making it a nice thick cardstock. Not likely to run through a printer, but a perfect backing/mount board or get them professionally printed. Find out more at our Speckletone paper and envelope pages.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Shimmer Metallics - 17 Beautiful Colors

Shimmer Metallic TEXT Weight Paper - (17 colors / 4 each) - 68 PK

Something beautiful arranged has hit our warehouse floor. It is ready for you to purchase an enjoy.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

When feeling Blue can Brighten your day - Meet Vista Stardream at

Stardream Vista Paper and Envelopes at PaperPapers

Vista Stardream paper

Look at the beauty of our Stardream Vista Paper and envelopes! A delightful blue that can be used for many occasions! Let your imagination soar with the possibilities!

If you need a medium blue metallic, this is a great solution.
#invites #weddingshowers #parties #bluepaper #bluecardstock #projects

Monday, September 2, 2019

Elegant Folded Parchment Cards




Hand made cards by YOU! – Fresh ideas, time to make something special! Do it yourself from our Parchment Card Stock accompanied with their matching envelopes. One of our talented customers created this super-fast, yet elegant A7 folded card along with 2 hand painted A2 cards. The parchment has such potential for authentic, natural beauty that can leave a lasting impression.
Jump to our project inspiration at PaperPapers Blog

Friday, August 23, 2019

Two amazing colors from the Curious Metallics

Two of our amazing colors from the Curious Metallics collections: Violette and Cryogen White.

There are plenty of great colors to make your own combination that will really stand out from the rest. What are your favorite colors? Check them out at:
Curious Metallics collections: Violette and Cryogen White
Curious Metallics collections: Violette and Cryogen White

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Meet EXTRACT PAPERS - A new way to recycled and reuse!

Introducing an innovative, eco-friendly paper line


Extract Earth-friendly Papers

Extract found in the USA at

Extract Innovative, Earth-friendly Papers
Beautiful, nature inspired color palette

Nature inspired, consistent color and premium, quality paper. This innovative paper, contains a percentage of fiber sourced from Starbucks, McDonalds and Costa cups in the UK. Supporting up-cycling by extracting pulp from disposable cups, from 5 used paper cups, to 1 folio sheet of 380gsm, this paper is truly innovative

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Sale at paperpapers
An AMAZING Clearance Sale at PaperPapers - Shop Now
Announcing a Limited Offer savings!
Paper and Envelopes Deals at PaperPapers

Just a couple times a year we offer this deep discount. No code required and for shoppers shipping to the lower 48 States (USA) -spend $39+ and qualify for free shipping.

Just can't beat this sale, limited stock, limited time --Hurry while supplies last.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Paper Weights - Help understanding paper weights.

Help understanding the differences in paper weights, Paper Weight Help is here

We've got you covered...
Head on over and review our easy Paper Weight Chart - learn how to find the best paper for your project. 

Paper Weights Chart Header

Paper Weights - Help understanding paper weights.: Paper Help, understanding the differences in paper weights. WE ARE LISTING THIS CONVENIENT -Quick List- OF Paper Weight WHICH INCLUDES GRAMMAGE (GSM). AS YOU WILL NOTICE THE GSM IS A CONSISTENT NUMBER RUNNING SMALLER TO LARGER REGARDLESS OF THE THE PAPER BASIS.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Parchtone AGED - 8.5 x 14 Parchment Paper - 32/80lb Text - 300 PK

Parchtone AGED - 8.5 x 14 Parchment Paper - 32/80lb Text - 300 PK:

Parchtone AGED - 8.5 x 14 Parchment Paper - 32/80lb Text - 300 PK

One of the best options for legal size paper with a parchment, aged appearance. This weight is perfect, not a cardstock, so very easy to print on as a thick text, can roll or be placed inside menu holders. One of our favorites for sure! Parchment look, old world feel yet runs through modern day printers. What more could we want!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sample Packs of Paper

Try me, Check it out, Made for you

 Buy Sample Packs Our sample pack section offers a variety of our most popular paper lines. Here you will find small batches of papers with a variety of colors or weights allowing the designers to test print, feel weights and see actual colors/finishes. If you are not able to find the sample pack of your choosing, we offer a courtesy swatch sample for some of our other items. Learn more about requesting swatch samples here.
- via

Friday, June 5, 2015

Crushing new colors - nothing quite like CRUSH PAPERS

This amazing paper has now crushed 2 new products… Cherries and Lavender, now creating a total of 9 colors for our CRUSH paper products. Nothing like this eco-friendly paper with such an interesting approach to pulp replacements. Using natural raw materials that may have simply been used for landfill, such as by-products from citrus fruits, corn, olives, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts, cherries, lavender and almonds are used along with 30% post consumer recycled waste to create this visibly different and appealing line of papers. Absolutely worth a try, checkout the entire line at paper-papers.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

FOIL LINED Envelopes expanded

We are organizing our foil lined envelopes to be more friendly with ‘paper matching’. We are now stocking Superfine Envelopes with Foil lining. This is great news for the designer who needs to match paper or card stock to these envelopes. Checkout the new expanded options by viewing our foiled lined envelopes category

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Superfine Ultrawhite

New Weights offered in SUPERFINE ULTRAWHITE

2014 Various Increases

Things to know...

Many mills have sent us their price increases. We will work on changing pricing to reflect these increases throughout the next couple months. These increases range from 1-5%.

Shipping carriers have announced rate increases of up to 5% starting in Jan, 2014. Our system is tapped directly into their rate generator, as the rates change with the shipping carriers, this will be reflected on our site.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cordenon Updates


  • We're stocking WILD Papers 
  • Stardream, price reduced, few discontinued colors - see previous Stardream post for updates
  • Malmero - all colors and weights discontinued. Will sell in clearance until stock is depleted.
  • Plike - Text only, discontinued all colors except: White, Black & Red - Stock changes
  • Plike Cover has discontinued Pale Blue, Pink, Ivory & Green – All other “Cover” Colors remain active. stock changes
  • Canaletto - discontinued 3 weights of Premium White (60 Cover, 78 Cover and 222 Cover) – All other items remain active.
  • More detail about stock change can be viewed on our Cordenon News Update page

Superfine Ultrawhite EURO FLAP Envelopes

Euro Flap Envelopes made from Mohawk Superfine Eggshell ULTRAWHITE

Ultrawhite Euro flap envelopes
  • Made from 32/80 Text, excellent quality
  • Available in packaging of 25-Pack, 250-Pack and 1000/carton
  • Now offered in 4bar/A1, A2, A6, A7 and 5.5 Square
  • Also we have a variety of Euro Flap sizes in Superfine SOFTWHITE

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pearlized Paper and Envelopes - Odeon

Odeon by Reich
We carry the pearlized COSMO by Odeon.  Now offering this product as bulk options for best pricing. You can choose between small or bulk packs based on your project needs.
Pearlized Paper and Envelopes

More FAV Sampler Colors

We have added more colors to our FAV Samplers: New colors added are...

  • FAV Brown
  • FAV Orange
  • FAV White/Natural Shimmers

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stardream Metallic Envelopes

Stardream Envelopes and Stardream Paper

  • Offering carton pricing for envelopes - New
  • Introducing new envelopes colors: Lapis Lazuli (new shade) and Fine Gold - New
  • Stardream Envelopes Squares, A1, A2, A6 and A7 price decrease
  • More square envelope sizes available and more colors New
  • FOLIO Paper, price per carton - price decrease
  • Discontinued colors: Amber, Malachite, Serpentine, Sage, Dolomite - will sell in our clearance until stock depletes

Curious Skin Paper and Envelopes

Curious Skin

  • Envelopes offered in more colors: Absynthe, Emerald, Lavender, Pink and Red (A2 & A7 sizes only) - NEW
  • Now offering all colors in 100lb Cover - NEW
  • Now offering SKIN 8-1/2-x-14 & 12-x-18 - NEW

Neenah Paper Products

Neenah Paper

  • Expanding envelope options (work in progress) - New
  • Astrobright A8 & A10 Envelopes - Price decrease
  • Paper lines ranging from Astrobright, Classic, Royal Sundance and others - Standard mill increase - Price increase

Friday, January 4, 2013

Brockway Euro Flap Envelopes

Brockway, by Whiting

Added more sizes in the Euro Flap Envelopes, now offering:

  • A1/4BAR - White and Natural (32/80 Text) - NEW
  • A2 - White and Natural (32/80 Text)
  • A6 - White and Natural (32/80 Text) - NEW
  • A7 - White and Natural (32/80 Text)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arturo Fine Stationery, Papers and Envelopes

Arturo - All Products

  • Arturo cards and envelopes has incurred a standard mill increase - Price Increase
  • Arturo 600gsm cover has incurred a standard mill increase - Price Increase
  • NEW - A-Size Arturo Envelopes - A1, A2, A6, A7 & A9 offered

Updates about Stardream, Plike, Malmero & Canaletto

Gruppo Cordenon - Paper Mill Products
****MORE CURRENT UPDATE is here at Cordenon Updates October 2013 and our Website update page of Gruppo Cordenon Changes

  • All Stardream Paper, Card Stock and Folio have incurred a standard mill increase - PRICE INCREASE
  • All Plike Paper, Card Stock and Folio have incurred a standard mill increase - PRICE INCREASE
  • All Malmero Paper, Card Stock and Folio have incurred a standard mill increase - PRICE INCREASE
  • All Canaletto Paper, Card Stock and Folio have incurred a standard mill increase - PRICE INCREASE
  • Discontinued Colors: Stardream Metallics --> Serpentine, Malachite, Emerald (currently being sold as "clearance" until stock is depleted)
  • New Colors: Stardream Metallics --> Sage & Bluebell
Important note - Typically envelopes converted from this paper will get a price increase within a month or so.