Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Speckletone, by French

Speckletone Paper and Envelopes, by French Paper
  • Speckletone BROWN Paper, available Full-Size & Cut - NEW PRODUCT
  • Speckletone BROWN Envelopes, available sizes: Mini, A1, A2 & A7 - NEW PRODUCT
  • This color addition now makes 5 colors currently stocked at paper-papers: Kraft, Brown, Oatmeal, Madero Beach & Old Green

Cougar, by Domtar

Cougar Paper and Envelopes, by Domtar
  • Cougar Opaque - NAME CHANGE (Cougar Opaque Cut sizes has new name) 
  • Cougar Opaque (cut sizes) -----> New Name: Cougar DigitalChoice Smooth
  • Cougar DigitalChoice Smooth - Price Reduction
  • Microprint Color Copy -----> New Name: Cougar DigitalChoice SUPER Smooth