Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cranes Colors

Cranes Colors

  • Now offering "Colors" in 100% Cotton Kid Finish
  • Current colors stocked in 134lb COVER
  • Introducing Core colors and Fashion colors
  • COLORS: Aqua, Azure Blue, Celadon, Dalton Blue, Espresso, Flame Red, Hibiscus and Pink


Trish said...

Is this a replacement for the discontinued Crane's palette? said...

Hi - Yes, this is the Signeture/Palette Colors that have been kept "live" along with some "fashion" shades that are seasonal. We are only stocking the heavy weight stock so the text is still "on clearance" until depleted - Hope this helps.

Liz said...

Is Dalton blue the same as the Cambridge blue (from Palette)? said...

Hi Liz, the Dalton Blue is not the same as Cambridge. Hope this helps.