Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wausau Royal Complements

Royal Complements - Discontinued due to Neenah/Wausau acquisition 2012

Many customers value a suggested replacement.  Please find our suggestions of "possible" replacements below:

  • Bright White ----- Loop Snow, Poptone Sweet Tooth, Basis White
  • Charcoal ----- Loop Urban Gray, Durotone Steel Gray, Basis Gray
  • Chocolate Truffle ----- Loop Coco, Poptone Hot Fudge, Basis Brown
  • Citron ----- Loop Cypress, Poptone Gumdrop Green, Basis Golden Green
  • Eclipse Black ----- Loop Black, Poptone Black Licorice, Basis Black
  • Haute Red ----- Loop Chili, Poptone Wild Cherry, Basis Dark Red
  • Midnight Blue ----- Loop Iris, Basis Navy
  • Natural ----- Loop Milkweed, Speckletone Madero Beach, Basis Natural
  • Tuscan Sun ----- Loop Mango, Poptone Orange Fizz, Basis Dark Orange
  • Winter Wheat ----- Loop Fossil, Speckletone Old Green

Most suggestions are from the following categories:
Mohawk Loop

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